Logan Greene - Medium Place (mastering)
Hikikomori - Earthly Hangups (tracking, mixing, mastering)
Spider Cider - Talking Voice (tracking, mixing)
Bad Gateway - The Offering (tracking, mixing)
Get A Grip - 2018 (mastering)
Lonely Bones - Spring '18 Demo (mastering)
Purity - Failure In Four Broken Frames (tracking, mixing)
Pain Killer - S/T EP (mixing)
Cement Shoes - Sad Jokes (tracking, mixing)
Taarna - Sanguine Ash (mastering)
Gatecreeper/Iron Reagan - Split (Gatecreeper) (tracking)
Gatecreeper - Sweltering Madness (tracking)
Arm's Reach - Rotten Earth (production, tracking, mixing)
Sovereign - Haunter/Sovereign Split (tracking, mixing, mastering)
Chaos Ladder - S/T EP (tacking, mixing)
Blackened - Existince is Suffering (tracking, mixing)
Gatecreeper - Unleashed in the Middle East (add. tracking, mixing, mastering)
Realize - Demolition (tracking, mixing)
Gat Rot - Dark Days Ahead (tracking, mixing)
Trench - Stone Soul (tracking, mixing)
Godhunter - Codex Narco (tracking, mixing)
Minor Morals - Enforced to Exist (tracking, mixing)
Relinquished - Paranoiac Hell (tracking, mixing)
Territory - Black Hole Blues (production, tracking, mixing)
Help Me Sleep - Two Years Passed (tracking, mixing)
Easy Money - Rules of the Game (tracking, mixing)
Tryhard - EP (tracking, mixing)
Sex Prisoner - Tannhauser Gate (tracking, mixing)
Minor Morals - Wage (tracking, mixing)
Presagers - Fervor Decay (tracking, mixing)
Purgatory - Beg For Life/Pray For Death (tracking, mixing)
Gatecreeper - Sonoran Depravation (production, tracking)
Crone - Demo (tracking, mixing)
Asa Martin - Idiots & Lunatics (mastering)
Lonely Bones - Bathed In The Illusion of Idiocy (tracking, mixing)
Easy Money - Midas Touch (tracking, mixing)
Crone - Demo 2016 (tracking, mixing, mastering)
Gatecreeper/Homewrecker/Outer Heaven/Scorched - Split (Gatecreeper) (tracking, mixing)
Arm's Reach - Triggered (tracking, mixing)
Glitterbomb - Hivemind (tracking, mixing)
Gatecreeper/Young and in the Way - Split (Gatecreeper side) (tracking, mixing)
Troubled - S/T EP (tracking, mixing)
Lamplighter - Trepanation (mixing, mastering)
Macaulay Vulkin - Prison Simulator Baseball (tracking, mixing)
Hikikomori/Prom Body - Split EP
Trench - Cursed Since Birth (tracking, mixing)
Logan & Lucille - S/T LP (mastering)

Scar Eater - Bring Us Your Damage (tracking, mixing)
Languish - Extinction (tracking, mixing)
The Beautiful Ones - Jaded Love (production, tracking, mixing)
Gatecreeper - Split 7" with Take Over And Destroy (tracking, mixing)
Logan Greene Electric - Dead Formats (tracking, mixing)
Chamber - Chamber EP (mastering)
Human Behavior - Bethphage (mastering)
Ill Breed - Black Pane/Blistered (tracking, mixing)
Ruse - Hellbent (mastering)
The Met - The Wayside Rose Demo
Hollow Tongue - Time/Death EP (tracking, mixing)
Gatecreeper - Self-Titled EP (tracking, mixing)
Womb Tomb - Erase Yourself (tracking, mixing)
Godhunter - Pursuit Predators (tracking, mixing)
La Haine - As Seasons Change, So Do You (tracking, mixing)
Ill Breed - Sorrow Soothes EP (tracking, mixing)
The Beautiful Ones - Flowers Are Forever (production, tracking)
Lights Of Ordinary Pertinence - So Many Squares EP (mastering)
Frost Hound Of The Satanic Front Range - Birthed From Rotting Flesh (mastering)
Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Sedentary Life (mastering)
Jess Matsen - Sun Stain (mastering)
Troubled - Severed Ties EP (tracking, mixing)
Man Bites Dog - LP (tracking, mixing)
Seas Will Rise - EP (tracking, mixing)
Drifter (NM) - Separate Graves (tracking, mixing)
Lost Lands (CA) - Body Of Habit 7"(mixing)
Lost Lands (CA) - Visible Fissures 7" (mixing)
Sex Prisoner - State Property (tracking, mixing)
Autarch (NC) - The Death of Actiacus (CS) (mixing)
Human Behavior - Golgotha (mastering)
Wallpaper Prison - EP
Godhunter - The Volutres' Wake (tracking, mixing)
Ex-Cowboy - S/T LP (mastering)
Sovereign (Phx) - LP (tracking)
Sweet Weapons (NM) - All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs LP
Hollow Tongue (NM) - Godsnakes (tracking, mixing)
Divided They Fall - I Don't Want To See Again EP
Sleep Like Trees - You're Alright (mastering)
Sleep Like Trees - Learn Around EP
Womb Tomb - Bored of Earth
Womb Tomb - Cassette Demo
Wrong Idea - What's Left Inside EP
Step Aside - Demo 2012
Sex Prisoner - ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner split
Zagadka (NM) - Quality Creeps EP
Hollow Tongue (NM) - S/T EP (tracking, mixing)
Territory - Sic Semper Tyrannis
La Haine (NM) - Red Summer
Sanhedrin (Phx) - Pro Human. Pro Life. EP
Isabella Laos - EP
Territory/Dead Hours - Split
Dead Hours (NM) - Demo
Sweet Weapons (NM)- Have a Kick Ass Summer
Sweet Weapons (NM) - Demo 2011
Life In Chains - EP
Territory - Demo MMX
Self Defense - Demo
Condemned - Demo
Bitter Rivals - S/T EP
Bitter Rivals - Demo
The Tics - Self Titled
Titty Hard On - Aliens
Titty Hard On - BurritoxCore
Female Snake - Self Titled
Michael Huerta
Red China - EP
Dark Age - Demo
A White Picket Fence - Demo
Blict - Demo